Panna has two territorial and one wildlife divisons due to its large forest area ( more than 50% of district’s geographic area). Wildlife division is part of Panna Tiger Reserve which has spread in Damoh and Chhatarpur districts also.

There are two territorial divisions- North and South Panna Forest Divisions with combined area of around 2600 Sq Kms.

North Panna Forest division:

North Panna Forest division has an area around 800 sq. Kms with two subdivisions- Panna and Vishramganj. The division has five ranges- Panna, Vishramganj, DevendraNagar, Ajaigarh and Dharampur. A large part of this divison shares proximity with Panna tiger reserve so sensitive with respect to Wildlife. The major part of district’s population reside adjacent to this area so biotic pressure is also high. The division also shares border with Satna District of Madhya Pradesh and Banda District of Uttar Pradesh. The beautiful teak and Bamboo forests of Ajaigarh, Dharampur and Devendra Nagar are quite scenic. The Kauwaseha Valley has always been a tourist attraction.

South Panna Forest division:

South Panna Forest division has an area of around 1800 Sq. KMs and shares borders with Satna, Damoh, Katni and Chhatarpur districts of Madhya Pradesh. The division comprises of 2 subdivisions- Kalda and Powai, and six ranges – Saleha, Kalda, Powai, Mohandra, Shahnagar and Raipura. The production division is also under South Panna division with a separate Ranger for this. This divison shares border with buffer region of PTR so it’s also sensitive with respect to wildlife. The untouched forest of Kalda with its 110 years old ‘Shyamgiri’ Forest Rest House mesmerises everyone.

Forest Division Officers:

Name Designation Address Mobile Email
Shri Punit Sonkar(IFS) DFO North North Forest Division Panna
Shri Punit Sonkar(IFS) DFO South South Forest Division Panna
Shri R.K.S Chauhan SDO Panna SDO Office Panna 9424791151  
Shri Dinesh Kumar Gour SDO Vishramganj SDO Office Panna  9424791154  
Shri Hemant Yadav SDO kalda SDO Office Panna  9424791208  
Miss Kalpana Tiwari SDO Pawai  SDO Office Pawai  9424791209