A district is an administrative division of a state. Each district in India has an officer-in-charge who represents the state governments in that area in the capacity of Collector/District Magistrate. The office of the collector, is the chief representative of government in a District. District Collectors are entrusted with a wide range of duties in the jurisdiction of the district, which generally involve :

As District Magistrate

  • Maintenance of law and order.
  • Supervision of subordinate Executive Magistracy.
  • Hearing cases under the preventive section of the Revenue Code.
  • Supervision of jails and certification of execution of capital sentences.
  • Arbitrator of land acquisition.
  • Disaster management during natural calamities such as floods, famines or epidemics.
  • Crisis management during riots or external aggression.

As Collector

  • Land assessment
  • Land acquisition
  • Collection
  • Collection of excise duties, irrigation dues etc.
  • Distribution of agricultural loans
  • Chairman of the District Bankers Coordination Committee
  • Head of the All District departments