Urban Administration & Development

Urban Administration and Development key Contact of Panna District

Designation – Project Officer

Office Contact – 07732-252201

Project Officer, Urban Administration and Development is the departmental head of the Department. He looks after the administration for all the urban local body situated in the district.

There are 7 urban body in Panna district :

Urban Local Body in Panna District
S. No. Name of Local Body Contact Email
1 Nagar Palika Parishad Panna 07732-252034 cmopanna[at]mpurban[dot]gov[dot]in
2 Nagar Parishad Ajaygarh 07730-278233 cmoajaigargh[at]mpurban[dot]gov[dot]in
3 Nagar Parishad Amanganj 07731-261225 cmoamanganj[at]mpurban[dot]gov[dot]in
4 Nagar Parishad Devendranagar 07732-272236 cmodevendranagar[at]mpurban[dot]gov[dot]in
5 Nagar Parishad Kakrehti 07732-274237 cmokakarahati[at]mpurban[dot]gov[dot]in
6 Nagar Parishad Pawai 07733-268337 cmopawai[at]mpurban[dot]gov[dot]in
7 Nagar Parishad Gunnor   cmogunnor[at]mpurban[dot]gov[dot]in