CM disabled marriage incentive scheme

Date : 12/08/2008 - | Sector: Rural and Urban

Under the Department of Madhya Pradesh Government, Social Justice and Disaster Welfare Department, Deendayal Antyodaya Mission was established keeping in view the spirit of the common people and their involvement in helping the disabled, poor and weaker families of the state. Under this scheme, a scheme for providing financial assistance for the collective marriage of the poor, poor / widow / abandoner is prepared and started in the name of the Chief Minister’s Youth Welfare Scheme in the year 2006.



1. Persons with Disabilities with minimum 40% 2. domicile of Madhya Pradesh 3. Have attain the age of 21 years for male and 18 years for female 4.Marriage has been legally prescribed by religious custom or social custom or competent court 5. Non-income tax payee


Under the scheme, assistance amount of Rs. Tendency to be free of Rs.2,00,000 / - and both the couple (young man and woman) are free. Assistance of Rs.1,00,000 / - is provided.

How To Apply

In order to avail the assistance amount under the scheme, the applicant should submit online or offline application in the prescribed form to the Joint Director / Deputy Director, Social Justice and Disaster Welfare Department of the application. designated officer for acceptance – Joint Director / Deputy Director Social Justice and Disabled Welfare Department and time limit for resolving applications is 15 working days.