One District One Product-Aamla

About Aamla

Aamla or Indian gooseberry is considered as nectar. It is an indigenous fruit for the Indian subcontinent. Its fruits are a rich source of vitamin ‘C’. The fruit has been reported to be useful in bleeding, diarrhea, dysentery, anemia, jaundice, dyspepsia and cough. Triphala and Chvanprash are famous indigenous medicines in the Ayurvedic system prepared from Aamla. Apart from fruits, the bark of leaves and even seeds are being used for various purposes. However, Aamla is not used as a table fruit, it is used commercially for the processing industries and produces products such as Morba, chutney, squash, candy, toffee shreds, in addition to cosmetic industries. Used as shampoo, hair oil, dyes etc. With the product of Aamla fruit mine of medicinal properties, emerald will now be recognized throughout the country. A district one product scheme has been started by the state government to make self-reliant Madhya Pradesh. Aamla products have been selected in Panna district under this scheme. Aamla species rich in medicinal properties are found in the district. Due to this species, emerald identity has been established all over the country. The aamla produced here mainly procures chvanprash companies to make aamla products.But now the people of Panna district will make different types of gooseberry products along with the cultivation of gooseberry. Here locally made products of fresh gooseberry will be more efficient.

    • Medicinal Properties and Uses

    • Aamla is an important crop in Ayurveda.

    • The most rich source of vitamin-C in fruits (700 mg per 100 grams of fruits).

    • Using Aamla (product)

    • Chyawanprash

    • Triphala Churna

    • MadhuMegh Churna
    • Medicinal properties

    • Anti scorbic, diuretic, laxative, antibiotic and anti-dysentery.

    • Good liver tonic

    • There is also a good demand from industries for the preparation of various health care products such as hair oil, dye, shampoo, face cream and tooth powder.