International Sharad Purnima Festival

sharad purnima
  • Celebrated on/during: October
  • Significance:

    The famous temple of the Shri Pranath ji the holy city Pnna district, It is organized with great fanfare, with the support of 108 Prananath Trust and District administration in the month of October every year with thousands and millions of native and foreign devotees. This nine-day festival starts with the lifting of Veera and Sword at Khesra temple on the day of Vijaya Dashmi. This Veera and Talwar symbolize the fact that in 1740, for the protection of Bundelkhand in the Khejda temple complex,Shri Prananath Ji was given this to Maharaja Chhatrasal on Vijayadashami and blessed to Chaatrasal Maharaj.
    The consequence of this Aristocracy itself, Maharaja Chhatrasal ji attained the victory over the entire Bundelkhandar and established his empire and made Panna in his capital.
    The main function of the International Day of Sharad Purnima is in the night of Purnima. At 12 o’clock in the night, the ride of Shreeji in the Bangla ji temple is brought in the Brahmaputhera. The Maharas utsav celebrated whole night with great joy.
    The first program of Sharad Purnima Mahotsav was in 1740. It is said by the local religious devotees that Shri Pranath ji stayed with his five thousand Sundarasath in the temple of Bangla ji. In the moonlight night of Purnima, He was discussing about Maharaas with Sundarasath , which was played by Shrikrishna with the Gawasalwals and the Sakhiyas. During this time Sundarasath accompanied Mahamati Prananath with his request to experience the eternal Maharas from Mahanmati Pranath ji, then the midnight of Poonam was about to begin. Mahamatta Pranath ji started playing Maharas with five thousand Sunderasath on this. This Maharas kept on running tired, without waiting for five days. Since then it is celebrated every year.